The Centre for Fortean Zoology is a non profitmaking organisation based in rural North Devon. We study unknown animals across the world, and once a year we host a highly popular conference in our home village. We are looking for local and national businesses to sponsor the event, and - indeed - our other activities. In return for this we provide a unique and low cost marketing opportunity. We have over 1.6 million hits on our daily blog network each year, and the figures are slowly but steadily rising. There are several levels of sponsorship including donations of money to help defray the costs of the event, and donations of goods or services as raffle and door prizes. If you care to sponsor us, in cash or in kind, your logo will appear on our website for the rest of the year. You can also advertise on our website or on our monthly webTV shows, and we will host your advert for 12 months with prices starting at £40. It will get your company name out there to a worldwide - and a healthy local - audience, and you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping us change the world...just a little bit.

The Weird Weekend is a unique event. Not only is it the largest and most important gathering of mystery animal experts and enthusiasts in the English-speaking world, but it is truly a community event. Where else in the world do you find a mixture of hard science and true entertainment presented as a collaborative venture by scientists from the world’s largest mystery animal research group, and representatives of a wide range of village charities? These include the Tiny Tots, the Sunflowers, Guiding Support, Friends of Woolsery School and the Youth Club.

We have a firm commitment to education, and as part of our outreach projects, as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult, all under 16-year-olds get in for free, and as a thank you to the people of the village who have supported the CFZ since our arrival five years ago, if you live in the village it only costs a fiver to get in for the whole weekend.

Although we only get about 250 people through the door over the weekend, thousands more watch the lectures and join in the fun through our multi-media website CFZtv, and over 1.6 million people read our daily online magazine each year.

Nobody involved takes a wage for organising this event. All profits go to fund our activities of research, education and exploration, and the profits that are made by the cafeteria over the weekend are divided amongst a number of village charities working with children.


  • Donate money towards the costs of the event
  • Donate equipment or software that we badly need
  • Donate discount vouchers as door prizes
  • Donate goods or services as raffle and door prizes

    We can give you access to a unique market for your products, both locally and around the world.

  • Our daily online magazine has 1.6 million hits a year
  • Tens of thousands of people watch our videos on CFZtv
  • You can reach all these with a low-cost advert or donation

    We are also prepared to talk about sponsorship for our high profile expeditions. In 2007 the computer gaming company CAPCOM sponsored our expedition into the wilds of South America. Next time it could be YOUR company's logo on the expedition shirts.

    Please help us. In these increasingly cynical and desperate times, it is up to people like you and us to pull together to make the world a slightly better place.

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    Sadly, we live in a world where the upcoming generations seem to know little or nothing about the world around them. Recently it was revealed that some 26 per cent of under-16s thought bacon came from sheep, while 29 per cent believed oats grow on trees. The ignorance also extends into adulthood. The survey found 17 per cent of both children and adults under 30 wrongly believed that eggs were a core ingredient of bread. (Mail Online 21st January 2010). Whereas only 40 years ago natural history was a popular hobby for young people of all ages of both genders and from all backgrounds, these days the opposite is sadly the case. However, we have found that our work with children both online and in the real world is doing wonders to encourage and foster an interest in the natural world and an encouraging number of children are becoming involved with our activities.

    So it’s not just about monster hunting and travelling the globe in search of new species of animals. What we are doing is trying to change the world ..... just a little bit.

    The Weird Weekend is the largest yearly gathering of mystery animal investigators in the English-speaking world. Now in its eleventh year, the convention attracts speakers and visitors from all over the world and showcases the findings of investigators into strange phenomena.

    Cryptozoologists, parapsychologists, ufologists, and folklorists are descending on Woolfardisworthy Community Centre to share their findings and insights. Unlike other events, the Weird Weekend will also include workshops giving tips to budding investigators, and even a programme of special events for children. The Weird Weekend is the only such conference in the world that is truly a family event, although those veterans of previous events should be reassured that it is still as much fun as ever!

    How do you fancy spending three days of high strangeness, good food and great beer, together with the cream of British fortean researchers in the middle of the glorious Devon countryside? By the way, I am sorry to have to say this, but as this is a fundraising event, tickets are non-refundable, although you are free to resell them should you be unable to attend.


    Sponsors of the 2012 event